Festa Italiana

About Us

Festitalia was originally created by the Festitalia Association Inc to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Italian Republic. The first edition held in 2006 at New Farm Park saw the collaboration of many Italian community-based organisations and businesses and was attended by over 30,000 participants.


In subsequent years the Italian festival was implemented by Co.As.It. Community Services until 2016, before being handed back to be managed again by the Festitalia Association Inc.   Regardless of its organisers  throughout its 10 year existence, the official festival has held a premier position as a not-for-profit community event that is aimed at Australians from all walks of life. 


In the Italian community there is a profound sense of belonging to both countries - their adopted Australia, the land of new opportunities and Italy,  a land of historically and culturally rich heritage.  The festivals have provided the ideal platform to celebrate the many contributions made by the Italian presence in Queensland; influences in the social, cultural, economic and artistic arenas that have enriched Brisbane's urban fabric. 


Festitalia is Queensland's official Italian festival in Brisbane under the auspices of the Italian Consulate for Queensland and the Northern Territory  and celebrates the richness of the Italian culture in its entirety, from the spirit and passion of its people to the romance of its language, its inimitable fashion, the radiance of its arts to the luscious wines and regional dishes acclaimed the world over.  


Festitalia is the portal to all things Italian, savour Italy and its traditions right on your doorstep!  The Festival promotes community spirit, enhances cultural diversity and nurtures the soul of communal gathering. The wonderful food, wine, music and art is a celebration of life, love and family.  


Come share the passion of Italy.

            "  Benvenuti "


Festival Aims:

To promote the richness of the Italian cultural heritage by celebrating the contributions made by the Italian presence in Queensland. Festitalia aims to be an inclusive  community event that adds vibrancy and dynamism to the urban fabric of Brisbane's cultural and social lifestyle.


Festival Values:

To ensure that Festitalia is reflective of the tenets of Queensland’s Multicultural Policy and that the festival is responsive to the needs of its contributors and participants by maintaining the highest quality standards in its planning and implementation.